We are ahead of the curve with GDPR

Release date 24th May 2018

GDPR may be the ‘buzz word’ right now, however, the way in which we securely capture, transmit and share sensitive data has always been at the core of our business. Our customer-focused approach means that we are well ahead of the curve when it comes to GDPR and beyond.

All Tempus devices have been designed from the core to capture and securely communicate rich medical data sets. Real-time data is recorded by the Tempus at the point of care either automatically or manually. This is always encrypted and easily shared via authenticated, highly secure channels to medical professionals and clinicians before being stored in a secure encrypted database. All data collected can be de-identified on a scheduled basis, or in response to an individual request at anytime. Patient data is processed only as necessary to protect the vital interests of the patient to enhance the accuracy of medical care and support clinical decisions.

2018 will see the launch of Corsium Suite. This will take our telemedicine capabilities to new levels, enabling unparalleled levels of data to be captured and shared. Real-time two way communication can be viewed and interacted with from any device via a secure web browser. This will deliver benefits on many levels for healthcare professionals and their patients:

Meet increasing demand

• Connect patients & clinicians for better on-scene decision making
• Reduce unnecessary conveyance
• Transport to specialised or primary care

Reduce transfer & handover times

• Key patient physiological and event data is real time
• Optimise management and reduce risk in ambulance queues
• Handover is electronic & seamless

Improve & measure quality of care

• Always get all data which is event synchronised
• Dashboards & over the air device management e.g. code data
• Drive process improvement & clinical governance

Improve workforce well-being

• Ergonomic & human factors advantages
• Building engagement across teams – feeling listened to
• Empowerment & support with clinical decision making

For more information please contact our team to be put in contact with a local representative.

About Remote Diagnostic Technologies Ltd:

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