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Keep up to date with our news. We are lucky enough to work on some great projects and people. With our passion for innovation, we aim to demonstrate how we evolve our technologies to meet and hopefully exceed the needs of customers.


Harnessing 20+ years of innovation to exceed expectations

With our success in military and commercial critical care RDT has experienced exceptional growth to become the international operation it is today. RDT has most recently entered the competitive emergency services market with state-of-the-art solutions for the NHS emergency frontline to alleviate pressures faced by an already overburdened workforce. In this interview with Kathryn Reilly of MedTech Engine, Graham Murphy talks about how RDT’s continuous innovation and focus on empowering decision makers through data-sharing has driven our success and growth in challenging markets.

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RDT announces 510(k) FDA Clearance for Tempus Technology

Remote Diagnostic Technologies (RDT) are pleased to announce that we have received 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the integrated printer configuration of the Tempus Pro. This configuration of Tempus Pro enables a user to print medical records such as ECG strips on-demand.

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Astronaut Paolo Nespoli’s recovery monitored with Tempus Pro

Our Tempus technology has been used by the European Space Agency during their latest Astronaut recovery, in extremely harsh conditions. Space travel can place enormous pressure on the body and accurate monitoring of vital signs is fundamental during re-acclimatisation once back on earth.

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Award for the Physiological Monitoring Team for their work with Tempus Pro

Acting Surgeon General, Major General Martin Bricknell attended the Minister for Defence Procurement Acquisition Awards. This year eleven teams were recognised for their achievements, including the Physiological Monitoring Project Team for their work on the Tempus Pro. We are proud to be recognised as part of that team.

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TELEMEDICINE WORKSHOPS: Compositeworks, La Ciotat

On the 29th – 30th November 2017, RDT will be partnering with MedAire to deliver 2 workshops hihglighting the importance of telemedicine and trusted medical support during medical emergencies at sea. On Day 1: Timeline for Survival, on Day 2: Dealing with Cardiopulmonary Disorders including Heart Attacks and Strokes

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RDT Partnership in Action: A round up of MEDICA & METS

How we operate has enabled us to build a strong team foundation and culture.  We are lucky to have built excellent relationships with customers, partners and suppliers.  This means that we are able to collaborate with them in business as well as at Conferences. This week is one example.

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Tempus ALS lightens the load for Paramedics & First Responders

Remote Diagnostic Technologies Ltd. (RDT), an innovator in pre-hospital care, has launched its new monitor/defibrillator, the Tempus ALS. Lighter and more focused than existing technologies, the Tempus ALS enables paramedics to carry less and do much more. Furthermore, its advanced data collection and sharing capabilities offer a clear pathway for organisations looking to realise the vision of the Smart Ambulance.

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RDT’s Tempus Pro used at an astronaut landing

Remote Diagnostics Technologies (RDT), the high-tech medical device business focused on vital signs monitoring and telemedicine in the pre-hospital care space, is delighted to report that the Space Medicine Office of the European Space Agency (ESA) recently performed an operational evaluation of the Company’s Tempus Pro Monitor (Tempus Pro) during French Astronaut, Thomas Pesquet’s, flight and landing aboard a Soyuz 49S spacecraft as he returned from a six month stay on the International Space Station.

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RDT’s Tempus Pro procured by Norwegian Military

Remote Diagnostics Technologies (RDT) is delighted to report that in partnership with PHC Nordic, they have entered a contract with the NATO Support & Procurement Agency to provide Tempus Pro medical monitors for use by a NATO nation. Based on the terms of the contract which was placed under the NATO Logistics Stock Exchange the Tempus Pro and accessories will be provided to the customer.

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