• CIvilian Prehospital care

    Emergency Responders, Critical care transport and Air Ambulance

  • Military Prehospital care

    NATO militaries and Special Operations

  • Aviation

    Commerical aviation and General business aviation

  • Maritime

    Luxury yachts, superyachts and commerical maritime operations


Acutely focused on prehospital markets around the world

Ambulance and Emergency Responders

Enabling already overburdened emergency responders to carry less and to do more, more efficiently, was our key goal. We understand there are huge demands placed on emergency caregivers. The unpredictable nature of their workload in uncontrolled situations means that the equipment carried and data collected plays an important role in safeguarding the safety of both them and their patients. That is why the Tempus ALS is offering a new approach to monitoring and defibrillation giving unmatched flexibility, simplicity and choice. Revolutionary dual-screen resuscitation care capability enables the focus to be on just the data that is needed. Whether working alone or as a team, emergency caregivers can focus precisely on the care being given.

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Critical Care Transport AND TEAMS

Transporting a critically ill patient requires the ongoing delivery of intensive levels of care in challenging environments. With the unstable nature of the patient population, the demands on critical care teams and the equipment they use are high. In limited space and under difficult circumstances, protecting the safety of the critical care team and enabling communication allows them to focus on delivering high standards of care. That is why the Tempus ALS, with groundbreaking size, weight, durability and advanced functions is supporting teams to do just this. With reliable data solutions to collect and handover comprehensive patient data and interventions throughout the patient pathway it presents a real alternative.

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Military Medicine

The extreme demands of war have driven medical advance and innovation. Our work in multiple projects with NATO Special and Conventional Force groups around the globe has helped shape Tempus technology to exceed the demands of even the most austere environments. As a result the Tempus Pro is the vital signs monitor of choice for the UK MOD and is deployed across other NATO Militaries including US Special Operations, Australia, Canada and Norway among others. We understand the challenges the contiuum of care present and the importance of being able to collect and share data at every point, which is why Tempus technology is deployed on medical evacuation vehicles and aircraft, in battalion aid stations, on hospital ships, in field hospitals and in far forward locations by Special Operations teams.


Commercial Aviation

Approximately 3 billion people travel by commercial airline transportation worldwide (International Civil Aviation Organization, 2014). Although airline travel is considered safe from a technical point of view, passenger health issues (e.g. advancing age or preexisting diseases) as well as the increasing number of passengers aboard larger aircraft in recent years, and long-distance flights, increase the likelihood of in-flight medical emergencies. That is why Tempus technology can be found on board major commercial airlines, raising the standard of inflight medical care, improving operational efficiency and enabling informed decision making, avoiding the risks associated with misdiagnosis and diversions.


General Business Aviation

Business aircraft are used by forward-thinking organisations to minimise travel time; enhance the efficiency, productivity, safety and security of key personnel; and remain nimble and successful in today’s highly competitive marketplace. It is for those reasons that in-flight medical incidents can have a financial and medical consequence for passengers and their business as well as the operator. For over 20 years, Tempus technology has been used to help manage in-flight medical incidents and inform decision-making processes with regards to treatment options and any potential diversion decisions. Making correctly informed decisions and protecting passengers’ confidentiality using the best available technology with a full audit trail of activity reduces company risk and liability. Even if crew have been medically trained or there is a physician onboard, this enables a correct diagnosis to be made, giving peace of mind that the best quality of care is available.


Maritime – Luxury Yachts

A medical emergency at sea can be a much larger event than a similar emergency ashore. Distance from medical care, lack of ambulance service, and adverse conditions can complicate this further, as can managing the confidentiality of any passenger. The use of telemedicine is becoming more widespread for a whole array of medical concerns. What’s more, as yachts grow in size, they run into more regulations. For vessels carrying 13 or more crew for voyages lasting longer than 3 days, they must have a dedicated medical space onboard (Maritime Labour Convention, 2006). In an emergency, maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of any medical data is key, which is why for over 20 years, our legacy in highly secure and reliable communications makes us the market leader in the field. Tempus technology is providing remote medical support and unrivaled telemedicine capability onboard hundreds of superyachts worldwide.