Harnessing 20+ years of innovation to exceed expectations

With our success in military and commercial critical care RDT has experienced exceptional growth to become the international operation it is today. Most recently we entered the competitive emergency services market with state-of-the-art solutions for the NHS emergency frontline to alleviate pressures faced by an already overburdened workforce.

In this interview with Kathryn Reilly of MedTech Engine, Graham Murphy talks about how RDT’s continuous innovation and focus on empowering decision makers through data-sharing has driven our success and growth in challenging markets.

Read the full interview here: MedTech Engine

Release date 20th February 2018

About Remote Diagnostic Technologies Ltd:

RDT is a fast growing and customer focused, high-technology medical device business. We specialise in the design, manufacture, sales, marketing and worldwide distribution of best-in-class monitoring and resuscitation solutions. RDT are acutely focused on the prehospital market and continuously innovate to evolve our technologies, offering our customers unparalleled capabilities. Data & communications is core to all we do. With success success on a global scale, we serve an International customer base – driven and supported by a team of ~100. Founded in 1997, RDT is based in Basingstoke, Hampshire.