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Remote Diagnostic Technologies (RDT) is a medical device company who specialise in the design, manufacture, sales, marketing and worldwide distribution of remote monitoring and resuscitation solutions for pre-hospital and critical care services. Founded in 1997, RDT is based in Hampshire and serves an International customer base.

All of our capability is in-house at our Basingstoke Head Office – R&D, Engineering, Production, Software development and Regulatory. We are a trusted partner to customers on the frontline in time critical situations – this includes large, complex and demanding military and government customers. In the last 4 years, our business has trebled in size; doubled in last 2 years with 60% growth last year. Over the past 12 months we have created 70 high quality engineering and other jobs, all based in the U.K.

Remote Diagnostic Technologies’ journey began over 20 years ago to address a real challenge of how to monitor patients in remote locations and securely transmit medical data in real-time to trusted support or the next level of care. We have achieved this for both medical experts and non-medical experts through our acute focus on the needs of the prehospital market.

This commenced through equipping non-medical experts such as crew with telemedicine enabled monitors (Tempus IC) on-board commercial aircraft including Etihad, Emirates, BMI and Virgin Atlantic, connecting them to ground-based medical experts. The use of this technology then expanded worldwide into Business Aviation, Fortune 100 Companies and Major Corporations, Heads of State fleets, luxury yachts and shipyards.

The next phase of our journey saw us developing greater monitoring capability and advancing the design of our technology to meet the needs of medical experts operating in the harshest environments. In 2016, the Tempus Pro became the vital signs monitor of choice for the UK MOD, replacing 7 other monitors in one solution. This technology is also being used by NATO militaries around the globe. The impressive technical capabilities are combined into a monitor that is smaller, lighter, more connected and easier to use than anything else available on the market.

Building on the success of the Tempus Pro, the Tempus ALS will mark the next stage of our growth. This sees the addition of a professional defibrillator to our advanced monitoring platform that will act as a fully integrated monitor/defibrillator. This drives our advancement in to the civilian EMS and critical care market, offering a new approach to monitoring and defibrillation.

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