RDT’s Tempus Pro used by the European Space Agency

Tempus Pro, developed with the support of ESA’s ARTES applications programme, used at an astronaut landing


RDT’s Tempus Proused at an astronaut landing

Remote Diagnostics Technologies (RDT), the high-tech medical device business focused on vital signs monitoring and telemedicine in the pre-hospital care space, is delighted to report that the Space Medicine Office of the European Space Agency (ESA) recently performed an operational evaluation of the Company’s Tempus Pro Monitor (Tempus Pro) during French Astronaut, Thomas Pesquet’s, flight and landing aboard a Soyuz 49S spacecraft as he returned from a six month stay on the International Space Station.

ESA performed a number of tests on the Tempus Pro as it transmitted real-time medical data including patient vitals, medical events and medications administered, as well as ultrasound images, videos, pictures and voice.

ESA concluded that the result of the test was positive, including that use of the monitor was easy in the real operational environment and it allowed fast and easy medical event logging, assessment, intervention and medication tracking.

RDT looks forward to continued collaboration with the ESA as it looks to develop its customer base in the aerospace industry.

Dr. Sergi Vaquer, Flight Surgeon at the European Space Agency commented: “The Tempus Pro was very easy to use in our challenging operational environment and allowed us fast and easy medical event logging and tracking. The monitor is small, light and robust enough to allow our medical professionals to work unimpeded by the equipment.”

Arnaud Runge, project manager at the European Space Agency for the Tempus pro and ALS commented: “We are pleased that the Tempus Pro, developed with the support of ESA’s ARTES applications programme, could be used at an astronaut landing. This is a demanding operational situation and proves the high performing capabilities of this product.”

Graham Murphy, CEO of RDT commented: “We have collaborated with the ESA over a number of years. We are delighted that our continued relationship has resulted in the implementation of our technology during a mission to monitor and assess the wellbeing of astronauts. We look forward to continued partnership”

About RDT
RDT specialise in the design and manufacture of medical devices, including pre-hospital care vital signs monitors.
Specialist technologies include compact and highly integrated vital signs monitors for both medical professional and non-medically trained users, as well as intermittent users.
The award-winning Tempus system provides innovative, easy to use and reliable medical device solutions to help manage medical incidents for the military, civilian pre-hospital care market and other remote and challenging locations.