Defibrillation Monitoring Reinvented

RDT are unveiling a new, cutting edge approach to defibrillation monitoring for the pre-hospital and medical transportation market. Tempus ALS offers the benefits of a fully ERC-compliant defibrillator with an advanced monitor in a small, lightweight and compact package. Its market-leading robustness, small size, low weight and flexible configuration provide unparalleled choices on how pre-hospital equipment is deployed and operated. This all adds up to you being able to carry less but to do more and work smarter.

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Tempus Pro™ Receives CE Mark & FDA Clearance. For more information please click here.

RDT specialises in the design and manufacture of medical monitors for use in the remote medical management space and to enable the user to electronically share all patient data real-time and/or post event.

RDT’s highly innovative devices provide the optimal monitoring platform today, establishing new precedents in patient monitoring and providing clinicians with a new generation of advanced medical capability not available on any other vital signs monitor.

Tempus Pro™ is more than just a monitor™. It is a new concept in vital signs monitoring that sets a new precedent in pre-hospital patient care and is already in use by the military.

Whilst it delivers all the integrated features and capabilities of a world class vital signs monitor, it is revolutionary in size, weight, ruggedness, battery life, battery management, ReachBak™ telemedicine, ease of use and P2P™ data collection and report sharing capabilities.

All this additional functionality is delivered using the small, compact core monitor, significantly reducing the amount and complexity of equipment that needs to be deployed and ensuring that maximum benefit is realised from your investment in the system.

    Tempus Pro™ is Small, rugged and lightweight, the monitor features an easy to use, easy to navigate touch driven interface and incorporates a full set of monitoring features including:

  • 3/5 Lead electrocardiogram (ECG)
  • Optional 12 Lead Diagnostic ECG
  • Impedance respiration
  • Masimo® SET® pulse oximetry
  • Non-invasive blood pressure
  • 2 channels of invasive pressure
  • 2 channels of contact temperature (YSI Series 400)
  • Optional tympanic temperature**
  • Optional Oridion® Microstream® capnography
  • Water & sand resistant to IP66
  • Lithium-ion battery with a 9-11 hour battery life*
  • Multiple ways of reviewing patient data, including 4 waveform colour display

  • * subject to storage and conditions of use
    **Under development and subject to future regulatory clearance

  • The facility to easily & quickly switch between patients
  • A truly daylight readable, glove-operable touch-driven display
  • Integral 3.2MP camera for recording images of the patient
  • Optional unique real-time data, voice & video communications
  • Optional video laryngoscopy**
  • Optional ultrasound for performance of the FAST exam**
  • Wide operating & storage temperature range
  • Optional wireless communications


Through the ability to receive pictures and moving video, i2i brings the patient as close to the physician as possible. This approach is enhanced by the system’s unique annotation feature which allows text and graphics to be placed onto pictures and transmitted back to the Tempus user.

RDT’s technology provides a secure database that stores all data that is received. The database interlinks the records of the same patient, including notes about treatment recommendations or drugs the patient is on, enabling quick and easy cross-referencing for the physician during medical incidents.

All vital signs readings received by the Response Centre from the Tempus are automatically formatted into an end-of-bed style chart for quick review of the patient’s trends.

A complete suite of ECG analysis tools is provided at the Response Centre to enable the detailed diagnosis of the patient’s cardiac condition.

Video images and annotation radically improve the quality and depth of communication. Still video pictures of the casualty can be annotated and sent back to the remote location. This is invaluable in providing written or graphical illustration of verbal instructions.

As well as being accessible in real time, all patient data is available offline for subsequent detailed analysis and post incident follow up.

    Tempus Pro™ is a flexible telemedicine system designed for use over whatever bandwidth you have available. Its wide range of communication capabilities enables the transmission of simultaneous voice, video* and data over:

  • Satellite – VSAT, Iridium & Inmarsat (Aero, Maritime & Land Mobile), Thuraya & virtually all aviation satcom systems
  • WiFi & wired Ethernet
  • Integrated cell phone
  • Telephone & serial connections

  • Data is transmitted to RDT’s secure Global Network Operations Center and can be accessed by your medical service provider from anywhere in the world, using RDT’s i2i™ response center software.

Additonally TempusWeb™ enables a personal physician, specialist or other third party to be securely linked in to the incident via RDT’s website.

* voice and video capabilities are dependent on communications bandwidth. Please contact RDT for more information.


Tempus Pro™ is designed for easy integration with external modules, using either wired (USB) or wireless interfaces to add whole new monitoring and diagnostic capabilities to the Tempus. This not only enables your monitor to evolve as your needs change, but also allows users to perform whole new diagnostic processes using the same battery and display already being carried. This allows you to leverage even more from your investment in the future.

    Examples under development include:

    Ultrasound for FAST exam, extended-FAST exams, line placement and vascular examinations*

  • Small, compact, Tempus-powered 3.5MHz ultrasound probe for FAST exam or general abdominal examinations
  • 7.5MHz ultrasound probe for Extended-FAST exams, line placement & vascular examinations
  • Structured process to remind user of the elements of the exam
  • Automatic creation of a FAST exam report for automatic inclusion in the record of care
  • FAST exam report can be transmitted to colleagues real time or post event using optional integrated ReachBak technology
  • No need to carry a separate ultrasound device, display & battery

  • Video laryngoscope*

  • A range of disposable Macintosh, Miller & D-blades are available to enable video laryngoscope images to be visualised on the Tempus Pro display
  • View vitals, including capnography & ECG, while intubating the patient
  • Particularly useful with difficult intubations e.g. patients wearing neck braces in the confined space of an EMS vehicle
  • Still images can be captured & automatically included in the record of care
  • Still images can be transmitted via the optional integrated ReachBak technology
  • This removes the need to carry a separate video laryngoscope, display & battery
  • In response to user-driven requirements, RDT will be continuing to expand Tempus Pro with new software features and external peripherals that will be field upgradeable.

  • * Under development and subject to future regulatory clearance


Tempus Pro™ is designed to be scalable to enable you to select the most appropriate configuration for your immediate operational or budget requirements.

Additional features such as 12-Lead ECG, ReachBak™, ultrasound or video laryngoscopy can be enabled in the field without the need to return the unit to RDT.

This enables your monitor to evolve as your mission, budget or training needs change.

In response to user-driven requirements, RDT will be continuing to expand Tempus Pro with new software features and external peripherals that will be field upgradeable.

This will allow you to leverage even more from your investment in the future.

Users can be fully trained on the Tempus monitor within half a day. A variety of training options are available to suit the needs of each customer that RDT can custom develop with your training department. RDT’s training courses have been delivered successfully with over 4000 Tempus users.

Typically customer’s prefer us to organise train-the-trainer courses and to help develop materials that complement existing training resources.

Sessions are interactive and are designed specifically to meet the needs of all usrs, including those who are non medical or intermittent users. This ensures that users are able to use Tempus even 12 months after initial training.

Because the device is so intuitive to use and the integrated iAssist™ help process is so comprehensive, you should not require refresher training. However, this very much depends on each customer’s individual protocols.