Defibrillation Monitoring Reinvented

RDT are unveiling a new, cutting edge approach to defibrillation monitoring for the pre-hospital and medical transportation market. Tempus ALS offers the benefits of a fully ERC-compliant defibrillator with an advanced monitor in a small, lightweight and compact package. Its market-leading robustness, small size, low weight and flexible configuration provide unparalleled choices on how pre-hospital equipment is deployed and operated. This all adds up to you being able to carry less but to do more and work smarter.

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Tempus Pro™ is a new concept in vital signs monitoring that places the needs of the pre-hospital care professional at the heart of its design.

Ground breaking in functionality, the monitor is light enough to carry with you to the patient, small enough to hold in one hand and rugged enough to deploy in any situation.

    It uniquely offers 5 distinct capability sets:
  • Monitoring
  • Patient record data collecting and sharing
  • Real-time reach back
  • Modular feature selection
  • Scalability

Tempus Pro provides all the integrated features and capabilities expected in a market-leading vital signs monitor with unmatched durability, daylight readable display, long battery life, intuitive interface and a glove-friendly touch screen that enables ease of use for both advanced and basic life support paramedics and emergency practitioners.

The additional ability to easily document and share all patient data electronically ensures that all care givers have accurate information on patient injuries, therapies, trended vital signs, drugs and fluids that can be handed over, or sent ahead via ReachBak™, ahead of the patient arriving at hospital.

With the ability to add advanced capabilities post purchase, the platform is designed to be scalable to accommodate immediate and evolving budgets. This way Tempus Pro enables users to perform whole new diagnostic process on patients using the same battery and display already being carried. This flexibility and scalability enables you to leverage the most from your pre-hospital monitor investment.


Tempus Pro™ is an advanced vital signs monitor that is ground-breaking in size, weight, ruggedness, functionality, ease of use, flexibility and scalability.

Tempus Proincorporates all the integrated features and capabilities expected in a market-leading vital signs monitor whilst being smaller and lighter than similar transport monitors, with a longer battery life and a market-leading water and solid object ingress protection rating of IP66. It is also the only pre-hospital monitor of its kind able to offer the full set of Masimo rainbow® parameters.

The monitor is operated through an intuitive and easy to use and navigate touch-screen interface; this means display configurations and alarm settings are easy to use and configure.

    Features include:
  • 3/5 lead electrocardiogram (ECG)
  • Optional 12 lead diagnostic ECG
  • 12 lead ECG interpretation
  • Real-time arrhythmia detection
  • ST and QT monitoring
  • Impedance respiration
  • The full set of Masimo rainbow® parameters (PVI®, PI, SpCO®, SpMet®, SpHb®, SpOC™)
  • Non-invasive blood pressure
  • 2 channels of invasive pressure with additional 3rd and 4th channels available
  • 2 channels of contact temperature (YSI Series 400)
  • Integrated Oridion® Microstream® capnography

  • Optional integrated video laryngoscopy
  • Optional integrated point-of-care ultrasound
  • Water & sand resistant to IP66
  • Lithium-ion battery with a 10 3/4 – 14 hour battery life*
  • Multiple ways of reviewing patient data, including 4 waveform colour display
  • The facility to easily & quickly switch between patients
  • A truly daylight readable, glove-operable touch-driven display
  • Integral 3.2MP camera for recording images of the patient
  • Optional unique real-time data, voice & video communications
  • Wide operating & storage temperature range
  • Optional wireless communications

  • *subject to storage and conditions of use

Tempus Pro™ enables the capture of all vital signs, including graphical and tabular trends and 12 Lead ECG recordings and images from the integral camera. It does this in an easy to use format that can be transmitted or shared with other Tempus monitors or computers.

The patient encounter record builds automatically from point of encounter to the hospital. It can be shared on another Tempus monitor or on a PC as a PDF document and can be inserted into the patient’s long term patient record.

Additionally the record of care can be transmitted and viewed in real-time via optional ReachBak™ technology. This means all care givers have accurate information on patient injuries, therapies, trended vital signs, drugs and fluids.

Provision of this data can improve outcomes and provide a clear record of the patient’s treatment for future analysis.

The touch screen interface is simple and easy to use, even with a gloved hand, making it usable in difficult environments. Vital signs populate automatically and a touch-driven body map and intuitive
interface means data entry extremely quick and easy.

This combination of interface elements and dedicated function keys means Tempus Pro is uniquely intuitive and easy to use, enabling the input of data, management of settings and re-configuration of the display to be implemented with ease.


Unique to Tempus Pro™ is the optional integrated secure real-time reach back capability. This allows communications of voice, data and video for telemedicine and telementoring purposes over a wide range of civilian communications links. This ReachBak™ capability enables users to share all medical data, including 12 Lead ECG recordings, waveforms, still images and the patient encounter record with colleagues in real-time.

Tempus Pro is compatible with a range of military and civilian sea, air and both mounted and dismounted land communication systems, including 3G. Tempus can transmit two-way real time voice (using VoIP) via either wired or wireless (Bluetooth® – optional) headsets over civilian communications networks and military IP radios – such as Trellisware, Harris Falcon III, ITT Rifleman and Thales – EPLRS, SRW and ANW-2 waveforms and satellite communications such as Ku/Ka (VSAT), X Band, B-GAN and Iridium.

With all data, voice and video designed to provide a minimum bandwidth footprint, data can be transmitted over as low as 2k4 baud. With regards data export, all patient identifiers (name, age etc.) are AES256 encrypted; this is the level of encryption required for inter-governmental data transfer.

This ability to share all vital signs and patient care record in real time increases situational awareness and allows for better informed treatment and transport decisions to be made.

This also allows the i2i™ user to identify the patient’s location**. i2i software, used to receive calls from Tempus, is easy to install and configure.

Bluetooth is licensed by the Bluetooth SIG

Tempus Pro™ is designed to be scalable, enabling you to select the most appropriate configuration for your immediate budget requirements, with the ability to add feature sets, such as 12 Lead ECG, invasive pressure, point-of-care ultrasound, video laryngoscopy and even ReachBak™, after initial purchase and without the need to return the unit to RDT.

Additionally, the platform is designed for easy integration with external modules, using either wired (USB) or wireless interfaces to add whole new monitoring and diagnostic capabilities to the Tempus. This not only enables your monitor to evolve as your needs change, but also allows users to perform whole new diagnostic processes on patients in pre-hospital care settings using the same battery and display already being carried. This allows you to leverage even more from your investment in the future.

    Examples include:
    Ultrasound for FAST exam*, extended-FAST exams*, line placement and vascular examinations
  • Small, compact, Tempus-powered 3.5MHz ultrasound probe for FAST exam* or general abdominal examinations
  • 7.5MHz ultrasound probe for Extended-FAST exams*, line placement & vascular examinations
  • Structured process to remind user of the elements of the exam*
  • Automatic creation of a FAST exam* report for automatic inclusion in the record of care
  • FAST exam* report can be transmitted to colleagues real time or post event using optional integrated ReachBak technology
  • No need to carry a separate ultrasound device, display & battery

  • Video laryngoscope

  • A range of disposable Macintosh, Miller & D-blades are available to enable video laryngoscope images to be visualised on the Tempus Pro display
  • View vitals, including capnography & ECG, while intubating the patient
  • Particularly useful with difficult intubations e.g. patients wearing neck braces in the confined space of an EMS vehicle
  • Still images can be captured & automatically included in the record of care
  • Still images can be transmitted via the optional integrated ReachBak technology
  • This removes the need to carry a separate video laryngoscope, display & battery
  • In response to user-driven requirements, RDT will be continuing to expand Tempus Pro with new software features and external peripherals that will be field upgradeable.

  • * CE marked but subject to future regulatory clearance in the USA