Recognised as leaders in telemedicine, RDT specialises in compact and highly integrated vital signs monitors for non-medical, intermittent and professional users.

RDT technology has been helping save lives and used to manage medical incidents efficiently and safely for over 10 years.

RDT’s products are regularly used by non-medical experts such as pilots, cabin crew and attending staff to collect and transmit to medical support the data that would normally be collected in a hospital emergency room. This enables doctors to help manage the medical emergency, make sure the right decisions are made and determine what treatment can be carried out and whether a diversion or medical evacuation is necessary.

RDT has an impressive customer base with hundreds of customers spanning more than 20 countires, including leading airlines such as Emirates, Etihad, bmi, Virgin Atlantic and V Australia, Fortune 500 companies, private individuals, heads of state,commercial shipping, yacht owners and the military.

Equipped with our technology, RDT’s customers are getting the best remote medical care and reducing the risks associated with misdiagnosis and the costs and inconvenience of unnecessary medical evacuations and diversions.

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